In an emergency. Every second counts.

Even the most basic life saving interventions, can save lives and improve outcomes. We provide innovative solutions to educate the lay public with basic first aid and equip emergency professionals with access to the latest EMS protocols.

Smart First Aid. Smart EMS

Equipping the lay public and EMS with easy-to-follow audio and visual instructions. We provide feedback mechanisms to improve the quality of interventions delivered. Our geolocation services help mobilize safety resources and assist to track down the closest healthcare facilities. We realize that emergencies can occur in areas where internet connectivity is not reliable. As such, the core solutions have been designed to work in offline-mode. We are seeking to promote a culture of action by equipping the public with first aid skills and paramedics with up-to-date EMS protocols. The on-demand, self-paced tutorials are available 24/7, from the convenience of a mobile phone. The in app calling feature activates local emergency resources and strengthens the coordination of care in that critical window of time when every second counts.

We get it! You don’t want to haul around another bulky first aid training manual. Who needs a ton of paper handouts that’ll just be shoved in the drawer, never for it to see the light of day! After all, when an emergency strikes, what you need is a portable reference guide. Since you have your phone with you most times, and given your phone is packed with some amazing processing power…. why should your phone fail you when someone’s life depends on it? Your phone can be a reliable tool for first aid refresher training! Whether you are waiting for a friend….yes that one that’s running late again or you’re in line waiting for your turn to be served….how about brushing up on some life saving skills during your down time! Don’t have any data bundles? No probs! The core first aid training solution works offline! We seek to empower Kenyans and strengthen the chain of survival. Whether you are planning a hiking trip, having your little cousin over (yes that one who always brings his inhaler and you’re always so clueless on inhaler assembly)…..the Smart First Aid app has you covered! Written at a Standard 5 reading level, anyone can learn first aid… fact, equipping your babysitter with first aid tips has never been so easy! Let’s all do our part…Let’s learn first aid!

The Smart First Aid Kenya subscription comes with an optional Ambulance Add-on. We strengthen coordination with dispatch and facilitate prompt ambulance activation via a simple one tap navigation. By sharing key information such as current location, designated emergency contacts among other details, dispatch teams can cut to the chase and focus on the dissemination of critical life-saving pre-arrival instructions in those critical moments that matter. We are harnessing the power of technology to strengthen the chain of survival and speed up emergency response. The Ambulance add-on represents a value add offering for Helpfie Smart First Aid Kenya subscribers.

We provide a Smart First Aid solution to help close out America’s growing proficiency gaps in bystander preparedness. We provide innovative strategies to equip the lay public with life-saving interventions to help in an emergency. Give us a few minutes during your mundane commute to bring you a first aid refresher session. We’ve got ideas to help that lunch line go a little bit faster. We’ll help you get smart about first aid training while waiting in line! Don’t want you to be clueless about how to administer an epipen. Or be out in the woods with no connectivity to first aid tips. We’ve got you covered with a first aid training solution that works offline. We’ll help you brush up on your first aid skills. After all, as a bystander, you may be a medical emergency victim’s best chance of survival. Especially in that critical window of time before trained rescuers arrive (National Academy of Medicine). Hesitant to help for fear of being sued? Good samaritan laws exist in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to offer legal protection to a person who helps someone in need of first aid. Infact, ignoring someone in need of help comes with penalties in some states.

On-demand, highly portable, light-weight paramedic standing orders delivered using audio visual reference steps. In-app calling features to activate consultations with the medical director. The offline accessible core solution serves as a reference tool for EMS practitioners working in the most remote of settings. Whether you are a new EMT or a seasoned paramedic, the reference resource keeps you up to date with the latest EMS protocol. Through consultations with Kenya Council of Emergency Medical Technicians and dispatch centers, we have refined the solution to bring you relevant guidance. So we’ve got you covered, the next time you are in between ambulance runs and are looking to refresh on an EMS topic or whenever you’ve completed an ambulance run as part of a peer review to debrief on care provided.

We provide on-demand, highly portable, light-weight paramedic standing orders based on the MA EMS protocol. Whether you are a new EMT fresh from EMT school or a seasoned paramedic, the Smart EMS tool serves as a reference resource to keeps you up to date with the latest EMS protocol. Through consultations with MA Office of Emergency Medical Services and ambulance companies, we have a tested solution that brings you relevant guidance. So we’ve got you covered, the next time you are in between ambulance runs and are looking to refresh on an EMS topic or whenever you’ve completed an ambulance run as part of a peer review to debrief on care provided.

Some training centers have an app…..check this out……how about an app with a training center? We are an American Heart Association (AHA) International Training Center and a Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) approved trainer through Kenya’s Ministry of Labor. We offer hands-on training courses at INtel College, onsite at the workplace, in gyms, schools, community centers and even curbside in open spaces. We are currently offering: AHA Basic Life Support Provider Training, AHA Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Training, AHA Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED, AHA family & friends CPR. The training courses will be bundled together with an annual subscription to the Helpfie Smart First Aid app (offline-accessible),  24/7 annual country-wide ambulance cover (optional add-on), a well-stocked first aid waist bag kit, auto-refills whenever first aid kit supplies run low and digital reminders for approaching certificate renewals. To enroll, contact or +254 777 714 007

Need first aid supplies? We’ve got you covered! The Smart Kits come with an instruction card that provides access to the Helpfie Smart First Aid application. We recognize the importance of not only equipping our users with the skills needed to save lives but also providing them with the tools and essential first aid supplies needed to intervene effectively in an emergency. As such, each Smart Kit comes with access to the Smart First Aid application. If you are enrolled in one of our training courses your enrollment comes with a Smart Kit! Got an upcoming recreational event/outdoors activity? We’ve got you covered! Our first aid waist packs are highly portable. Been meaning to update the first aid kit in your car? We can help with that! Simply, ring in your order at +254 777 714 007 (Kenya) or +1 617 221 6221 (USA) to get your Smart Kit. Running low on supplies in your Smart Kit? Fret not!  Go ahead and email and ask about the auto-refill program. Here’s the best part…..(drum roll please)…..saved the best for the last….Smart Kits ship free in Kenya and the US!

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Our multidisciplinary team is drawn from healthcare, software engineering, business, and academia.
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Esther Ndungu
Founder & CEO

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Grace Wanjiku MD|MPH
Medical Director

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Emergency Medicine

Girish Rengaswamy
Girish Rengaswamy
Technology Director

Mobile App Developer

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Moses Muchoki
Moses Muchoki
EMS Liaison

Africa Inst of Emergency Med

EMS Instructor

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Grace Young
MD Candidate
Academic Medical Liaison

Medical Education

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Meryem Ok
MD|PhD Candidate
Academic Medical Liaison

Research Engineer


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Smart First Aid Christmas Bundle

It’s Christmas time! As we celebrate the gift of life, consider getting a Smart First Aid resource kit value-pack bundle for your loved one.

This bundle consists of a first aid booklet, an offline-accessible Smart First Aid app, 24/7 nation-wide Ambulance cover and a 30-piece first aid waist bag kit.

The first aid booklet contains general first aid tips for some of the most prevalent medical emergency topics including Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Choking, Stroke, Diabetes, bleeding control, broken bones, among others.

The offline-accessible Helpfie Smart First Aid mobile application provides step-by-step first aid instructions. These instructions include illustrated audio guidelines for on-demand self-directed tutorials or for ongoing refreshers.

We recognize the importance of having an emergency hotline to reach ambulance dispatch teams in the critical moments following an emergency. As such, we’ve included an annual subscription to 24/7 nation-wide ambulance cover accessible via an ambulance add-on from the Helpfie Smart First Aid app. This provides a fast and streamlined process to strengthen the link in those critical moments of need.

We also seek to resource you with essential first aid supplies needed to effectively intervene in an emergency. As such, we’ve included a 30-piece first aid waist bag kit with a well curated list of critical first aid supplies.

Get the Smart First Aid resource kit bundle for a special Christmas offer of Ksh 5,000/= via mPESA till no: 5548523 or via WhatsApp +254 777 714 007


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